Substation Automation Systems – IEC 61850

Reliable transmission and distribution of electricity is the key to a Smart Grid and an integral requirement for Utilities. Substation Automation Systems (SAS) as a comprehensive part of substation control and monitoring solution provides functions such as advanced power system management and monitoring of the condition of the equipment while as service.

MBCS is the leading enablers of  substation  automation  solutions  including  IEC  61850. MBCS’s substation automation offerings comply with IEC 61850 standard, ensuring key to protection, control, automation, monitoring and real-time communications capabilities of substations with existing legacy as well as systems for future. Our smart automation reduces operational and maintenance costs, thereby increasing the performance of the plant and improving the efficiency in operations.

"Please note: We have shown a general architecture of the solution, actual architecture may vary depending on the client's requirement"

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