Street Light Monitoring with Alarms

Our smart light monitoring and control with alarm is the most economical solution providing comprehensive capabilities to conserve energy, improve operating efficiency and detect any street light failure. The sophisticated solution continuously monitors the operation of luminaries (Indoor & outdoor) by a centralized monitoring system, which helps in reducing the energy consumption, maintenance & manpower cost and increasing efficiency. It is best for application ranging from streets & highways to sports & arena and from basement parking to tunnels. Our innovative offering provides a groundbreaking location wise monitoring and control function with alarms that provides financial benefits in terms of energy savings and proven ROI. This application can be used as a retrofit solution to an existing luminary fixture or integrate to any futuristic lighting technologies.

"Please note: We have shown a general architecture of the solution, actual architecture may vary depending on the client's requirement"

Our solution would be a best fit across any sectors:

Architects, Builders & property developers

Building Facades

Indoor Lightings

Periphery / Campus Lighting

Industrial / Mines Lighting

Pathway Lights

Warehouse / Parking Lot

Utilities, Government bodies & smart city service providers

Street lights / Roadways

Parks / Sanctuaries

Stadiums / Arenas

Townships / Gated communities

Bridges and Tunnels

Highly Secured Areas

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