Solar Plant Automation System - Reliable Solutions to Optimise Solar Plants Performance

Maximum Uptime, Lower Maintenance Costs, and Reduce Engineering Time

AT MBCS, we realise the tremendous potential of solar energy and are committed to offer products and solutions addressing the needs of the renewable energy industry in India. We act to leverage as a single-vendor control solution to harness this non-conventional resource to promote green energy for creating a low carbon future and convert solar energy in more cost effectively, reliably, and efficiently.

Our Solar Plant Automation System meet crucial requirements of Solar PV Plant operators like constant supervision of the production, maximization of the solar energy yield, real time information about the system status, grid code compliance, MBCS has an answer for all of this and more.

Multi-Function Meters

SATEC Multifunction Meters can effectively measure, control and analyze electrical parameters for Power Quality and Fault Analysis. These Multifunction meters can be used in small stand-alone systems or be integrated in large SCADA based power management systems and are very easy to install and use. Common features :

  • Multifunctional 3-Phase Smart Meter
    • More than 120 monitored parameters
    • One cycle calculation
  • Billing/TOU Revenue Energy Meter
    • Class 0.2S precision
    • Class 0.5S precision
  • Harmonic Analyzer
    • THD, TDD, up to 40th harmonics (incl. angles)
  • Real-time Waveform Capture
    • 128 samples/cycle
    • Real Time Clock
  • Programmable Logic Controller
    • 16 control set points, thresholds and delays
    • Standard 2DI/1DO (EM133), Optional 4DI/2DO, 12DI/4DO or 4 AO
  • Event and Data Recording
    • Min/Max log with time stamp
    • Over 90 days history storage
  • Built-in RS-485 port plus optional RS-485/422/232, Ethernet, Profibus, RF or GPRS communication

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Power Quality & Disturbance Analyser

SATEC PM180 is a high-performance analyser that allows versatile uses. The high performance of the PM180, together with the unique flexible design of the expansion cards and the versatile installation on DIN rail, 4” round or 92x92mm cutout, enables its use in a large variety of applications, in which it can substitute several other devices — saving costs, space and complexity. Common features :

  • Industrial Substation automation controller
  • High performance Power Quality Analyzer (PQA)
  • Revenue Grade Check Meter
  • Digital Fault Recorder (DFR)
  • Sequence of Events (SoE) power meter with IEC 61850 protocol
  • Motors and Large Load Monitoring

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Weather Monitoring System (WMS)

Precise weather monitoring system for assessment and system operations are a requirement for Renewable projects. Our Renewable Plant Monitoring and Control offerings offers high precision weather measurement sensors with long term stability of the most critical parameters for power plants along with collecting information, transferring it back to the control site, carrying out necessary analysis and control, and then displaying this data to a central database.

These sensors can be procured standalone or as an all-in-one WMS solution :

  • Solar irradiation (W/m2) as per ISO 9060- Second Class & Secondary Standard
  • Wind Speed as per MEASNET Compliance
  • Wind Direction as per MEASNET Compliance
  • Relative Humidity per WMO Compliance
  • Air Temperature as per WMO
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Solar PV Module Temperature Sensor
  • Rain Gauge Sensor
  • Datalogger with RS 485 Modbus Output
  • WMS Junction Box
  • WMS Mast

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Substation Automation System (SAS)

Substations are the building blocks for any grid. MBCS has the right technology to automate these substations, ensuring highest efficiency and productivity to grid operator and owners. Our solutions range from complete IEC-61850 based system to non-IEC-61850 IEDs or combinations of both, providing utilities to shift to new technology without comprising on current investment. Common features:

  • Monitor analog parameters for feeders (incomer and outgoing) and transformers
  • Communicate with IED’s over IEC-61850 protocol
  • Monitor status of breakers and isolators
  • Provide Sequence of Events with time stamp
  • LDMS for monitoring and control
  • Telemetry System

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SCADA System

Whether you are looking to integrate new, update or replace your existing control system, we can help you migrate to an advanced control system.  Compact SCADA control system offers high availability, reliability, and lowest cost of ownership. Our solutions are designed to extract the most value from your systems.

  • Connects with all devices via Modbus TCP/ RTU (Master/Slave) and IEC 104 (Master/Slave)
  • Interfaces with third party weather forecasting service
  • Provides operation control, alerts and storage of data
  • The SCADA has responsive interfaces and provides data through graphical analysis in real time, maps, and performance reports.
  • Data analysis & report generation as per the requirement.
  • Remote data logging on FTP Server in form .csv

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Telemetry System – SLDC Connectivity

With over 300+ installations PAN India, we are the leading Telemetry Solution providers in India. As per CEA’s guidelines, 100% of grid interface data from power generation plants, IPP, renewable energy, power consumers etc. on real time basis is a vital requirement for safe and secure grid operation. Depending on the State SLDC norms code and communication type availability at the location, we have hands on experience with different types of communication modes like PLCC, Leased Lines, Radio, GPRS, V-SAT etc.