SCADA and Energy Management Solution

Our Integrated SCADA and Energy Management Solution package is a very cost-effective solution to monitor and control your application. Our Intelligent and advanced system provides complete solution for monitoring and management of energy in the industrial plants along with control and automation. All the required hardware and software for monitoring of energy are part of the system. The complete systems can be installed and configured based on user and application requirements. Multiple verticals like electric automation, process control, BMS, Fire & Safety along with Security can be integrated. Our solutions are well known for Oil & Gas, Power Transmission & Distribution, Alternative Energy Markets etc.

The entire end-to-end solution is offered as a package or depending on the requirement we provide standalone EMS and SCADA systems.

  • Integrated SCADA with energy management system along with meters, RTU, Data concentrator, software and Data converters supply
  • Display Real Time Parameters with energy
  • Display trend, alarms, minimum, maximum and average values
  • Options to integrate with air conditioning, water and gas meters
  • Generate reports
  • SMS & Email service for Alarms & Reports.

"Please note: We have shown a general architecture of the solution, actual architecture may vary depending on the client's requirement"

EMS SCREEN – Measurement & Billing

Plant Performance Parameters

MMI Page

SLD – Plant Feeders

SLD – Plant Feeders

Feeder Meter Parameter Table

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