Rain Gauge SEB-200 | Reliable, Simple Setup and Easy Serviceable Sensor

Rain Gauge Sensor SEB-200 is a highly reliable, simple to maintain and simple to clean sensor, offering unbeatable value to customers. The Self-emptying bucket technology ensures uninterrupted measurement of precipitation regardless of amount and intensity.

Simple to use and simple to maintain are trademarks of this all around reliable rain gauge with a WMO recommended 200 cm2 opening.

Unique Features & Benefits

  • Very resistant to vibrations from wind
  • Long-term measurement stability


  • Very easy setup and maintenance with single screw adjustment
  • Ultra-low power Normally Open (NO) reed switch operation

Protection – Bird Spikes & Leaf Fence

Rain Gauge is offered with Bird protection spikes and leaf / debris fence. The spikes prevent the birds from nesting in rain gauge funnel and the fence reduces accumulation of debris like leaf on the sensor.

This reduces the maintenance and improves service intervals for the O&M team, along with increased measurement reliability and consistency.

  • Self-emptying bucket technology - 200cm2 orifice
  • Accuracy : ±0.2° mm
  • Stability : <0.1 mm
  • Resolution : 0.2 mm
  • Operating Range : -40°C…60°C
  • Measuring Range : 0°C…60°C
  • Response Time : 0.3mm start
  • NO/NC contact output

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