Power Quality Analyser

Power Quality Analyser meter are specially designed to meet the requirements of electrical panel builders to substation operators. These meters in return improve efficiency, reduce cost and extend life of user’s electrical assets. We offer PM175 and EDL175 in this range. These devices contain features to measure numerous electrical parameters along with waveforms and harmonics. All these data can be logged and viewed in our PAS software package included with the devices to display graphic data and analysis capabilities.

M.B Control & Systems Pvt. Ltd. collaboration with SATEC – THE EXPERTS IN ENERGY MANAGEMENT

M.B Control & Systems Pvt. Ltd. has been associated with SATEC for more than 25+ years for its hardware and software solution in electrical automation solutions. SATEC established in 1987 is a global leader in energy management solutions. They are known for their extensive research & development activities in the manufacturing of hardware and software offerings. With joint efforts, we have industry experts to provide technical support and solutions from generic to complex issues. Our distribution network provides local service and prompt professional support.SATEC’s device product line serves both energy utilities and energy consumers in various fields.Their support team is closely involved with each project to assure a solution of the highest quality that is tailored to the customer’s need. All devices comply with world recognised regulations and hence offers rewarding solutions enabling utilities and end-users to make better use of scarce resources, take timely actions and prevent equipment failures.