PAS is SATEC's comprehensive analysis and engineering software designed to program and monitor all SATEC devices. It includes a variety of additional tools to assist in system setup, such as the communication debugging module. PAS software is used for configuration and testing of all SATEC meters. The software is also used for analyzing disturbances and faults recorded by SATEC power meters.


  • Automatic power quality reports for EN50160 & IEEE 1159
  • Automatic polling of devices
  • Simple off-line instrument setup
  • Direct data access for status monitoring or analysis
  • Communication: RS standard serial lines, TCP/IP, USB, Telephone/Modem
  • Comprehensive analysis
  • Self-test
  • Easy export to spreadsheet, Word, Excel or database
  • Extensive graphic and report capabilities for waveforms, harmonics & billing
  • Export COMTRADE (IEEE standard common format for transient data exchange)


Trend Analysis

Fault Analysis

Waveform analysis


  • Configure all types of Satec Meters.

  • Communication testing of all types of Satec meters.

  • On-line view of parameters and data logs from Satec meters.

  • Logging of parameters from meters.

  • Auto scheduling of downloading of logged data and waveforms files from Satec meters.

  • Analysis of logged disturbances and faults by Satec meters.

  • View histograms and trends