The SATEC Model EM920 eXpertmeter™ is an advanced energy analyzer in a socket meter with precise measurement and expansion capabilities.

The EM920’s unique “Add-On” modularity is the key to its remarkable versatility and unprecedented effort to add intelligence, control and communications to electrical metering. SATEC’s “Add-On” module concept allows you to configure the meter to your changing needs, thus saving valuable time in the field or future costly replacements. Technological advancements revitalize legacy applications to rapidly and cost-efficiently respond to changing market conditions.

The Model EM920 eXpertmeter™ is an advanced energy meter that exceeds Class 0.2S class revenue billing requirement. It provides long term memory for load & trend profiles, and includes advanced power quality analysis to detect and record waveform events and fault currents harmful to power systems.

The EM920 eXpertmeter™ is MET certified.

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