The EDL175 Portable Event & Data Logger - Extended Range measures, records and analyzes events and data of electrical network parameters. Being mobile, it enhances efficiency by enabling onsite identification of power problems. The EDL175 meets the requirements of a wide range of applications, from events analysis to energy auditing and load profile recording over a period of time. The EDL175 parameters include all the measurement and logging capabilities of the PM175 Powermeter in a convenient, portable package. The manufacturer's PAS software package included in the EDL175 provides graphic data display and analysis capabilities. The EDL175 is suitable for direct measurement of voltages up to 660V (or greater when using a Potential Transformer). The EDL175 is equipped with standard clamps with secondary current of 1A. It is also possible to use FLEX sensors with secondary voltage of 2VAC or 3VAC or standard clamps with secondary voltage up to 2VAC or 3VAC. The EDL175 can measure low currents in the range of 100mA to 10A, in addition to the standard ranges, with a high degree of accuracy, using standard high current clamps. This additional measurement capability is made possible with the combination of standard current clamps and the manufacturer's special cables and electronic circuit. One application is using standard current clamps to measure the standard 5A output CTs. The EDL175 has an internal DC battery which enables it to continue working even when the power supply is disconnected for short intervals, as in a power failure.

  • Advanced Power Quality Analysis:
  • Monitoring, statistics & reports according to EN50160 specifications and/or programmable.
  • 6 channel waveform recording
  • Harmonics & inter-harmonics according to IEC 61000-4-7
  • Directional power harmonics
  • Flicker according to IEC 61000-4-15
  • Event/Data Log:
  • Power quality event/data logging with time stamps
  • Logging capability for more than 100 parameters
  • Waveform recording capability up to 8 cycles of pre-fault, and up to 16 post-fault.
  • Alarm & Control:
  • 16 programmable set points
  • Built in 2DI/2DO
  • Optional 2DI/2DO (total 4DI/4DO), 2AO, 2AI
  • Communication:
  • 2 independent communication ports (RS232, RS422, RS485, modem, Ethernet, Profibus DP)
  • Full galvanic isolation for all voltage and current channels
  • 0.2s Accuracy
  • Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII and Modbus/TCP communication protocols
  • Easy field upgrading device firmware through any communication port
  • 1 Mbytes RAM with a battery backup for long-term data and waveform recording.
  • 3 voltage and 3 current transformer-isolated AC inputs for direct connection to power line or via potential and current transformers.
  • Multi-function 3-phase meter (true RMS, volts, amps, power, power factor, neutral current, voltage and current unbalance, frequency)
  • Embedded harmonic analyzer, voltage and current THD, current TDD and K-Factor, inter-harmonics THD, up to 50th order harmonic.
  • Voltage and current harmonic spectrum and angles.
  • Ampere/Volt/THD/TDD demand meter
  • Class 0.5 four-quadrant energy meter
  • Time-of-Use, 8 totalization and tariff energy/demand registers x 8 tariffs, 4 seasons x 4 types of days, 8 tariff changes per day, easy programmable tariff schedule.
  • Automatic daily profile for energy and maximum demand readings (total and tariff registers)
  • Embedded programmable controller; 16 control setpoints; programmable thresholds and delays; relay output control; 1/2- cycle response time
  • Event recorder for logging internal diagnostics events, control events and I/O operations
  • 16 data recorders; programmable data logs on a periodic basis and on any internal and external trigger.
  • Two waveform recorders; simultaneous 6-channel AC recording in a single plot; sampling rate of 32, 64 and 128 samples per cycle; 20 pre-fault cycles; up to 30 seconds of continuous recording at a rate of 32 samples per cycle.
  • EN50160 Power Quality Recorder (EN50160 compliance statistics, EN50160 harmonics survey statistics, onboard power quality analyzer; programmable thresholds and hysteresis; ready-for-use reports)
  • Real-time waveform capture and monitoring; simultaneous 6- channel 4-cycle capture at 128 samples per cycle
  • 2 optional optically isolated analog outputs with an internal power supply; options for 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-1mA, and ± 1mA output. 50/60 Hz operation
  • Modbus RTU
  • Modbus ASCII
  • Modbus/TCP
  • DNP

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