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EasyLog GSM Datalogger is based on an ultra-low power micro-controller combined with high precision analog-digital converters and real time multitasking operating system. This ensures flexible and reliable continuous operation with long battery life and system reliability.  Collecting meteorological parameters is a combination of a multiple sensors such as pyranometer, wind speed & Direction Sensor, Air Temperature, Humidity etc. However as per the standard, the logger performance should not degrade the measurements made by the instrument. EasyLog GSM is an ideal data logger for many applications in solar energy, meteorology, climatology, hydrology and agronomy.

EasyLog GSM has an IP 65 weatherproof enclosure and a wide operating temperature range, from -40°C to +60°C. The state-of-the-art design consumes so little power that it requires only 7mA when awake and running. It offers a wide range of DC power sources can be used and the logger can manage the power from a solar panel and charge an external battery. These features allow for months of unattended operation in remote locations.

The datalogger is supplied with free software to make configuration and data download fast and simple, using RS-232 serial communication or the internal USB port. The data logger programme is held in non-volatile internal memory.

  • Analogue inputs : 8
    • Single Ended (12bit) : 4x 0 ... 2.5V
    • Differential (24bit) : 4x ±19mV ... ±2.5
  • Digital inputs : 4
  • PT100 Inputs : 3
  • Serial input : RS-485 port for up to 8 x Sensors
  • Communication Interface: RS-232/ RS-485 Modbus RTU/ RS-485 Modbus TCP/IP
  • Memory :
    • Internal 4 MB
    • Expandable : SD card (512 MB included)
  • Power Options :
    • DC source with battery charging 5V ...12VDC
    • DC source without battery 4V... 20VDC
    • Solar power 12V system
    • Portable battery power 6xAA
  • Power consumption : 1 mA standby, 7 mA typical during measurement, 50 mA with modem on
  • Remote Data Transfer : Quad-band GSM / GPRS modem with external antenna
  • Temperature Range : -30°C ...+60°C
  • Protection : IP65

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