The PM130 EH+ is a multifunctional 3-phase power meter. This series provides a cost-effective substitute for numerous analog meters used by industrial, commercial and utility customers for basic power metering. It is also suitable for utility substation automation because of its support of the industry standard DNP V3.0 and Modbus RTU protocols, as well as its I/O capabilities (using DI/DO module). The meter can provide more than 80 parameters via local display and more than 100 parameters via communication interface. The modular design enables users to assemble a system meeting their specific needs. Each meter has serial RS-485 communication port as standard.Key features include:

  • Wide choice of additional plug-in modules includes digital I/O
  • analog output
  • TOU
  • Ethernet and Profibus.
  • Multifunctional 3-Phase Smart Meter
  • 3-Phase-at-once bright LED display
  • Percent of load circular bar graph
  • Billing/TOU Revenue Energy Meter (E/EH Models)
  • Class 0.2S/0.5S precision, TOU Tariffs
  • Harmonic Analyzer, up to 40th harmony
    (EH Model)
  • Real-time 128 samples/cycle Waveform Capture (EH Model)
  • Available as ABT and Energy and Audit Meter as per CEA guidelines
  • /Max. with timestamp
  • 16 Programmable set points, thresholds and delays
  • Event and Data Recording for over 90 days
  • Real Time Clock (battery backup option)
  • Built-in RS-485 Port, optional RS-232, Ethernet, Profibus, RF and GPRS
  •    All the required electrical parameters are available on display and communication.
  •    All electrical parameters are displayed in power meter via three rows of simultaneous cold bright LEDs.
  •    All inputs and outputs are galvanically isolated.
  •    PT input up to 690VAC (Line to line)
  •   CT input 1A or 5A (Please specify in your PO)
  •    PT Burden < 0.15VA. CT Burden : For 5A CT Sec.
  •    CT primary and PT ratio are site configurable.
  •    All (the) types of wiring are configurable at the site.
  •    Four quadrant measurement.
  •    All (the) parameters (are) updated on cycle to cycle basis and sampling rate of 128 sample per cycle.
  •    Accuracy class 0.2S as per IEC-62053-22:2003.
  •    Input frequency: 45-65 Hz.
  •    Energy display of nine digits.
  •    Front panel LED for calibration check, communication status, instrument faults  diagnostic and load bar percentage.
  •    Communication protocol: MODBUS RTU, ASCII, DNP 3.0. Required communication protocol is selectable at site.
  •   User defined registers. 120 user defined registers are available in the instrument. This enables reading of all the required parameters with one MODBUS read command. (This increases speed of communication).
  •    High speed of communication. All the required parameters can be read with in 80 within msec. by using user defined registers.
  •    All the parameters are available as direct reading 32 bit registers.
  •    Ambient operating temperature: -20 to 60ºC.
  •    Ambient operating humidity : 0 to 95% non-condensing.
  •    Panel cut-out : 92x92mm.
  • DNP3.0 over serial and TCP
  • IEC-60870-5-101
  • IEC-60870-5-104
  • Profibus
  • Digital IO Modules 4DI+ 2DO
  • Digital IO Modules 12DI+ 4DO
  • Digital IO Modules 12DI+ 4DO+ RS232
  • Digital IO Modules 12DI+ 4DO+ ETH
  • Analog Output 4AO
  • TOU Module
  • Second Communication Port RS232/ RS485
  • Second Communication ETH
  • Second Communication Port Profibus

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